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Cycles with anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are used by athletes in cycles. The term “cycle” refers to the period of several weeks during which these drugs are taken. This cycle, after an adequate period in which no steroids are used, can follow a new cycle, and therefore athletes continue for several years.

The usefulness of the cycle lies in the fact that for these substances to work, they must be injected repeatedly over time, but long-term consumption determines the large risks of side effects. The use of cyclic anabolic steroids allows the athlete to reduce side effects and provide muscle and strength gains.

The basic principles of structuring the anabolic cycle come from the experiences of athletes using these substances, so they are based on empirical estimates, poorly supported by scientific knowledge, since there is very little thorough research on this issue.

Duration of the cycle

The cycle is usually built on a period that varies from 5 to 16 weeks, however the duration can be increased to 20/26 weeks, moreover, it turned out that especially in Bodybuilding Some users use it for several years without interruption.

The length of the cycle obviously determines the higher frequency of side effects, however, according to many users, the cycle too short does not allow for an adequate increase in muscle mass, since muscle growth must keep the body under the influence of steroids for a certain number of weeks. to stabilize over time.

Rest time between cycles

To limit side effects and to ensure that the body is able to get rid of the toxicity of the products used, athletes suspend their use for a certain period. This period should be about the same as the intake period, so the 10 week cycle requires the same number of weeks off. Many athletes limit themselves to steroid cycles only 1/2 times a year to limit side effects. Other athletes, on the other hand, have been using steroids for several years without interruption, assuming the potential risks.

Product selection

The most common practice is to associate 2 or 3 different drugs, however, data available on the Internet in forums and topic sites shows that some athletes prefer to use only one drug, while others also take 4 or 5 or more at a time.

Steroid dosage

The dose, that is, the amount of steroids used, must be sufficient to ensure adequate protein synthesis. The results obtained with the use of anabolic steroids are proportional to the amount of steroids used. The gains in strength and muscle mass are related to the doses used.

Usually the amount of steroids is measured in milligrams per week, in fact, athletes use several hundred milligrams every week.

An amount that is too low will not produce results, but the side effects found are also strongly related to the amount of steroids taken.

According to data available on the Internet, the cycle is 200-2000 mg per week. This amount is also related to previous experience with anabolic agents by athletes: those who have never used these substances can benefit from a few milligrams (200/400) per week, these doses must be gradually increased to further increase muscle tissue. Professional bodybuilders can even get 5/7 g of steroids per week.


Summarizing the information on steroid cycles are very diverse and controversial. Obviously inappropriate data can also be found. Obviously, both illegal and illegal, much of the data on this issue is confusing and even contradictory, and empirically based on subjective differences that lead to different results.

Finally, as the secret to success for many athletes, it is unlikely that they will fully share their secret so that others can benefit from it too. As expected, the analysis of anabolic cycles is not the subject of this text and therefore will not be further explored.

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